Why Choose Celtic Spirit?

Inspiring destinations

Visit the Celtic and prehistoric sites of Inishmore, Aran Islands, Co. Galway, Ireland and Scotland

Tailor Made Tours

My programmes capture many of the true traditions and experiences of the destinations and most activities are guided by the locals themselves.

Beautiful Inishmore

The Aran Islands are famous for their rich culture and heritage and the islanders have retained many of their age old traditions up to the present day.

Culture Weeks

Celtic Spirit Culture Weeks are very carefully and sensitively designed to share with you a true and authentic Irish Celtic Experience, leaving you with some truly fantastic Irish memories.

Instant help

Do not hesitate to contact me for any information or further enquiries regarding my programmes.

Emotional travel

Through the medium of song, dance, storytelling and walks, immerse yourself in the culture and the past.
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Current & Previous Programmes

The Peace Process In Northern Ireland - from Celtic Spirit
Celtic Spirit Tours
15-24 June 2016
10 days
The Peace Process In Northern Ireland - from Celtic Spirit
18 – 26 April 2017
Music Group
2015 Programme
10 days
Seaweed Week - Celtic Spirit
2015 Programme
7 days
Irish Music and dance - Celtic Spirit
2014 Programme
6 days
23 – 30 July 2017
Mysterious Ireland - from Celtic Spirit
2014 Programme
11 Days
2013 Programme
9 Days
Giants Causeway - Celtic Spirit
2013 Programme
8 Days
Tours for Singles
2012 Programme
8 Days
2012 Programme
10 to 14
Basket Korben 1
2012 Programme
7 days

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Concert with Tejedor from Asturia (Spain)

2nd  concert in the series of music from  celtic countries  José Manuel Tejedor: Gaita (span. pipes) Javier Tejedor: Accordeon, Percussion Silvia Quesada: Voice, Tamburin Alberto Ablanedo:
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Tour Reviews

Petra Erni, Switzerland

The Celtic Monks

Breathtaking hikes off the beaten track along the cliffs on Árainn due to Elisabeth's thorough knowledge of this island. It has been a privilege to meet local people, to listen to their stories and thus gain a deeper insight into their lives and Ireland's history. I loved to see such unique places like the Black Fort or Skellig Michael. Very well organised and lovely B&B's and hotels along the way. Thank you for this wonderful celtic holiday!
Nicole B

The Celtic Monks

I really enjoyed this trip and would recommend it to anyone and especially if you are looking to get a deeper grasp on the culture rather than just moving through from one site to another. The trip was carefully designed and we visited some fantastic sites (the three main ones were Inis Mor, Skellig Michael, and Glendalough). Not only did we learn about their cultural and historical importance but we were also treated to spectacular views. It was much more meaningful than if I had tried to rent a car and see these on my own.


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