2015 Programme
7 days
10 to 16


Discover with us the wonderful world of algae on the shores of the beautiful island of Inis Mór. Doctor and algae specialist Prannie Rhatigan will show us how to harvest the plants sustainably.

Depending on the level of the water we will find eight to ten different species of edible seaweed, get to know their names, and learn about the nutrients they contain.

In the comfortable kitchen of Joe’s house, we will prepare simple and tasty recipes with Prannie.

With Mairtin Concannon we will collect more algae, which will be dried in his drying facilities ready for us to take home.

There will also be time for nice walks through the exciting landscape of the island, to relax in the beautiful surroundings and to explore on your own.

More detailed tour information is given in the Itinerary Section.


15 Februaury 2015


Flights to Dublin or Shannon, then bus from the Airport to Galway, arriving before 16.30 pm. I can help with flights if you travel from Switzerland, cheapest fares usually through internet but I also have a good contact to a travel agency.


Euro 1220 (CHF 1490) (sharing rooms)


Course with Prannie Rhatigan and Mairtin Concannon

Drying of the algae

Ingredients for the cooking

3 dinners, 6 nights sharing in Kilmurveyhouse

Last night B+B in Galway


Travel to and from Galway,

4 dinners, lunch, drinks, tips.


Single room (6 nights in Kilmurveyhouse): Euro 155.- (CHF 190.-) Galway last night: Euro 33 (CHF 40).

Long ago Algae was known and used by our ancestors as a healthy food supplement, and still is today in Japan, China and along the coasts of North, Central and South America. Happily this sea vegetable is also regaining importance in Europe and not only for the increasingly popular sushi rolls!
The high nutritional value of edible algae makes it a popular choice for a healthy diet. Western medicine is currently investing in exploring the medicinal value of algae and some evidence exists for its usefulness in lowering blood pressure, purifying blood and protecting the stomach and guts. Antivirus, antibacterial and anticancer effects have also been proven.

In traditional Chinese medicine, seaweed is already used since over 5000 years. It is worth noting that the low rates of breast cancer in Japanese women is very low and Japan is the country with the largest consumption of this sea vegetable.

Prannie Rhatigan is a doctor and has been collecting algae and learning how to use them in the kitchen since childhood. Born in the North West of Ireland she became interested in the connection between food and health a long time ago. In 2009 her beautiful book “Irish Sea Weed Kitchen” was published. With over 150 old and new easy, delicious recipes it received wide acclaim in Ireland and abroad.

As a member of “Slow Food” she has represented Ireland at various events abroad. She regularly gives seminars and lectures on health and algae. Since the publication of her book she is almost overwhelmed with requests and I am very grateful that she agreed to work with us in this new and exciting program. www.prannie.com

Additional information


Day 1: Getting There

Meeting in Galway at 16.30, transfer with bus and boat to the Island, dinner in Kilmurvey House.

Day 2 : Morning

info about program and island, afternoon: getting to know and collect many different species of seaweed with Prannie Rhatigan and cooking dinner using the collected seaweed as an ingredient.

Day 3: Morning

preparation of delicacies for brunch and lunch with seaweed ingredients, and more information about using various algae for cooking and health, afternoon: collecting more algae with island man Mairtin Concannon, which will be dried for us to take home.

Day 4: Cliff Walk

Walk along the cliffs to Bunghabhla, opportunity to collect more algae on the way for evening meal or eating out

Day 5: Kileany and Kilronan

Walk in Kileany, the soft and sandy east end of the island, visiting St. Enda’s monastery, along the cliffs to the prehistoric Dun Dubh Cathair, ending up in Kilronan, time for tea and shopping, dinner: Vegetarian buffet at Joel’s.

Day 6: Galway

12:00 Departure to Galway, time for sightseeing and shopping in Galway, dinner in a lovely restaurant and visit to a music session in one of the famous old pubs

Day 7: End of Programme

Official end of the program in the morning.

(Note: Walks can be shortened!)

Seaweed Week - Celtic Spirit
Seaweed Week - Celtic Spirit