3. Veranstaltung in der Reihe Musik aus keltischen Ländern

A delightful blend of fact, fiction and music that has been described as “balm for the soul”.

Barbara Griggs: harp and fiddle

Mike O’Connor: stories, fiddle, concertina

Samstag, 24. März, 20.00 – 21.45 Uhr Zentrum Karl der Grosse (beim Grossmünster) in Zürich

Eintritt: Fr. 30.-/ 25.- (Friends of Celtic Spirit)



Mike and Barbara are Cornwall’s great ambassadors. They have been working together for nine years performing folk tales, folk songs, and traditional instrumental music from their adopted home of Cornwall. There are few in the land with the skills and knowledge to perform such works. Together Mike O’Connor and Barbara Griggs are master and mistress of eloquence and melody. Their stories and music – together or separately – are much sought after, and the good humour they bring to their performances delights audiences across Europe.

Cornwall stories letzte pdf