2nd  concert in the series of music from  celtic countries 

José Manuel Tejedor: Gaita (span. pipes)

Javier Tejedor: Accordeon, Percussion

Silvia Quesada: Voice, Tamburin

Alberto Ablanedo: Bouzouki

23 September 2017, 19.30 – 21.30 Uhr

Zentrum Karl der Grosse ( Grossmünster) in Zürich

 Tickets:  Fr. 35.-/30.- (Friends of Celtic Spirit)

Tejedor is a group from Asturias (N.Spain), founded by the three siblings José Manuel, Javier and Eva Tejedor. Eva left the band in 2010 and was replaced by the well-known singer Silvia Quesada.

They played mainly traditional Asturian music for many years, then from 1995 also their own compositions, which were partly taken over by Irish musicians.

They have received numerous awards and have been invited to many prestigious festivals, including the Celtic Connections Festival in Scotland and the Interceltic Festival in Lorient, where I met the group two years ago and I was taken by the similarity to Irish music.

They have given numerous concerts throughout Europe and also in America and South America.

For her 4 CD’s and also for concerts they have collaborated with well-known musicians such as Carlos Nunez, Phil Cunningham, Sharon Shannon and many more.

I am very happy that, despite their fame, they have agreed to come to Zurich for our small concert.


Organization, information and reservation:

Elizabeth Zollinger 044 2520918, info@irish-culture.ch

Further events in Zurich and Ireland: www.irish-culture.ch

Reservation recommended, as space is limited